There Is A Clown In Town

There’s a clown in town,
he sent me an email and asked me out on a date.
I feel strange to have a clown as a mate.
He takes great pride in his clown like attire,
He sent me a bunch of water squirting flowers.

There’s a clown in town and he want’s to be my friend.
He wears bright red plastic shoe that bend.
He’s got one of those honky red noses,
he’s as clumsy as they come,
I suppose he’s…
got lots of other clown friends,
a group of clowns clowning around,
and he’s asked me out on a date,
he wants to be my friend,
my mate.

There’s a clown in town and he’s always clowning around,
telling jokes and conjuring tricks,
stripey green and red trousers and walking on huge stilt sticks.
Welcome in any circus,
he hurts himself on purpose.
He attends all these clown events,
trousers so big he’s wearing a tent,
and he’s got those big clown pants,
drives about in a flowery painted clown car,
he takes his clown image extremely far.

There’s a clown in town and he wants to date me,
I’m a little weirded out,
my life’s clown free.
His face is disguised because of the makeup he wears,
his honky red nose and he’s got green hair.
There’s a clown in town that I feel weird about,
this clown he want’s to take me out.

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