Equality (written for the anthology, Woman With Fierce Words)

What did you have for your dinner last night?
They feed me well in the soup kitchen.
They feed me well from the food bank.
Thank you for sending your price parcels,
They fed my child,
but we are still looking for clean water to drink,
I beg of you,
and I thank.

No gays allowed,
it will not be tolerated,
it goes against all our religious beliefs,
and you cannot have an abortion,
we do not care about your needs.

Only black people,
only white people,

I cannot be your friend because I am vain,
you have ginger hair and glasses and I’m still acting like i did when I was ten.

Vote for me,
vote for him,
get involved or drop out of society,
become a drop out because we are forcing this upon you.
Make your choice now as this is what you have to do.

There are laws enforced against your freedom of speech,
because we cannot have people listening to the diversity of what you teach.
And because of the way your mind works,
we will label you,
we will push you to the side as if your no more than a babbling fool.

Oh, I like your designer trainers,
your so cool.
I wore Dunlops to school.

WAR, what is it good for?
Absolutely nothing!!!

I see you begging at the side of the street so tonight you can eat.
You cannot work because your parents crippled you as a child,
and for this purpose alone,
So you can beg to bring money home.
It saddens me.

And now,
in a world so full of diversity,
I ask you,
what exactly is equality?

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