Cables and Leads

Lets not get our wires crossed,
because lets face it,
we have quite a lot of  loose wires kicking about,
and continuously buying more,
adding to our collection of chargers,
adapter leads,
jack’s to phono’s,
kettle blooming leads,
cables, HDMI’s,
if I don’t charge my iPhone the battery dies.
and even more memory sticks.
My house is a technophobes worst nightmare.
Batteries that last no longer than 4 hours,
so we need yet another lead,
as an energy feed,
a separate power pack to feed my need,
at the least so I can sit in bed with my kindle and read.
My whole life I have been haunted by cables and wires,
and it’s only getting worse as evolution introduces us with more toys with powers,
I’m even smoking a cigarette that needs charged via my laptop,
this now is the only way I smoke,
and yet again it has its own power cable,
and if that battery runs out I’m not nicotine stable.electric-power-3592
This is cracking me up,
it’s a new rucksack I need to carry around all these cables and leads,
and power sources,
I’m beginning to feel like my own personal power plant.
But I need a lead-free house,
wireless really is not wireless is it…



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