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I like bio. I love the world, I'd like to know more about Geography, Biology, that is my biographical information.

Peaks And Trophs

Like without liking anything, Care without caring. Love without care, And care without love, And like without like. Sex without emotion, Tenderness without touch, Lick without saliva, Gentle but rough. Joy without tears, And tears without joy, Heart without breaking, Heart not a toy. Smile without interest, Tears without tears, Laughter at wrong moments, Fears […]


Lost words missing in the writers mind, words even the writer is scared to find, so you might not understand this one, but try because It could be fun, but I don’t know what I will find, lost words missing in the writers mind.

World Peace – Be At Peace

If everyone is fighting for world peace, does this mean we are at war or does this mean we are at peace?


Tempo-rarity. A moment in time when a decision has already been made.

Musical Sexual Romance

Capture the lot in a snap shot