Peaks & Troughs

Like without liking anything,
Care without caring.
Love without care,
And care without love,
And like without like.

Sex without emotion,
Tenderness without touch,
Lick without saliva,
Gentle but rough.

Joy without tears,
And tears without joy,
Heart without breaking,
Heart not a toy.

Smile without interest,
Tears without tears,
Laughter at wrong moments,
Fears without fear.

Strong without strength,
Empty when full,
Scared when the light is on,
And dark under the moon.

Warmth when it’s toasty,
Cheese toasty in bed,
Mind games with the mindless,
Stressful when restful.

Weak at the knees,
Double jointed and bendy,
Mobile home built for a Wendy.

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