He & She

He & She

Mr & Mrs,
Husband & Wife,
This is my spouse,
This is my trouble and strife.
She wears the trousers,
He wears the marigolds,
She never does anything,
He does what he’s told.
He keeps her stable,
She drives him wild,
He helps her financially,
And she feeds his apatite.
He helps her leave parties when she’s had too much to drink,
He hates when she beats him at farting,
Hers always stink.
She makes him tea and he makes her laugh,
He loves it when he comes home from work and she’s run his bath.
He likes the massage and she loves the body contact,
She watches Netflix and he pays the contract.
He’s very strong and she’s strong too,
She’s loves his arms wrapped round her,
And he loves the boobs.
He watches football and she loves the poetry,
He wants her mind and she wants him emotionally.
He likes chilli and she likes garlic,
He says hot and she says baltic,
Black is white and white is black,
She loves him & he loves her back.

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